How to Hide Apps in Vivo Phones in Hindi Full Video Guide 100%

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How to Hide Apps in Vivo
How to Hide Apps in Vivo

How to Hide Apps in Vivo:

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In this post, I will tell you How to Hide Apps in Vivo phones any type of version you have. You can easily How to Hide Apps on a Vivo phone. 

You can also hide system apps with this app.

I will give you full step-by-step guidance How to Hide Apps in Vivo phones in this post. In-text and video format. Let’s start >

Step 1. Install the app 

Install the given application. This is a third-party app with the help of this app you can Hide Apps in any phone. Please click on the Given link and install it. This app is 100% secure because Google Play Store is promoted to this app.

? Click Here To Install

Step 2. Go to Settings

Click on More settings 

how to hide apps in vivo


Step 3. Go to Permission Management

Click on permission management

permission management

Step 4. Go to Default App Settings

Click on Default App Settings

Default App Settings

Step 5. Go to Home Screen

Click on Home Screen

Home screen

Step 6. Click on CLauncher


Click on CLauncher

Step 7. Click on Start.

Step 8. Click on Current.

All Done!


Now start on the Hidding app 

Go to Home Screen and Zoom in Home Screen By using your thumbs.

Now you will get the Hide app option Click on setting.

Now Set your PassWord.

Click on the Pencil button and hide any app.

Full Video Guidance on How to Hide Apps in Vivo


Go To the official VIVO Site

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