Chhichhore full movie download in Hindi 480p Filmyzilla

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Chhichhore full movie download in Hindi 480p Filmyzilla
Chhichhore full movie download in Hindi 480p Filmyzilla

Chhichhore full movie download

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Sushant Singh Rajput, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Sharma, Tahir Bhasin, Navin Polishetty, Tushar Pandey, Saharsh Kumar Shukla, and Prateik Babbar star as Sushant Singh Rajput, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Sharma, Tahir Bhasin, Navin Polishetty, Tushar Pandey, Saharsh Kumar Shukla, and Prateik Babbar.

In Nitesh Tiwari’s new film Chhichhore, the filmmaker of Dangal, nostalgia is the sauce that adds flavour to a rather basic narrative. A group of forties-aged pals meet 20 years after graduating from engineering school to assist their buddies in a moment of distress.

But you’re taken to the magical years of these pals as they look back fondly on their greatest days from the very first scene, in which a student, seeking a break from his readings late at night, sparks off a full-blown ‘water war’ in the hostel.

Chhichhore | Official Trailer | Nitesh Tiwari | Sushant | Shraddha | Sajid Nadiadwala | 6th Sept

The tone and presentation of the video will bring back memories for anybody who has ever lived on campus. Those who haven’t have the distinct sensation of missing out on a life-changing encounter. However, anyone who has attended college would easily recognize classmates, acquaintances, or perhaps themselves within the film’s cast of characters.

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Growing up, we’re sure we all knew a Sexa — the porn-obsessed guy who stashed a cache of nudie mags beneath his mattress, his attention focused solely on one thing. O

the overprotected child-man who earns the nickname Mummy; Acid, the perpetually pissed-off buddy with the acid tongue; Bewda, the genius with a drinking problem; or Derek, the study who believes he was cut out for bigger things; Maya, the campus hottie desired by all; and Anni, the seemingly ordinary Joe who somehow fits perfectly into this ci

Tiwari, who co-wrote the film with Nikhil Mehrotra and Piyush Gupta, is an IIT Bombay graduate who draws on his experiences as a student for humour, passion, and life lessons.

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The lines have a real, conversational feel to them; the language isn’t sanitized, and profanities, double meanings, and innuendo are freely used in the conversations between pals.

Many of the situations are really amusing, such as the one in which Bewda, an alcoholic buddy, is pummelling on a train, while others are just plain stupid.

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As in the ragging scenarios where older citizens insist that a “freshy” do a pole dance. The catch is that one of the lanky males will be assigned to the pole. Or there’s always the old standby: an order to retrieve female students’ clothing from the girls’ dormitories.

The fact is that these jokes work because who can’t relate to doing stupid things when they’re young?

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chhichhore movie download pagalmovies

In its last act, Chhichhore transforms into an underdog sports film, as if to emphasise the film’s main message – that failure does not define you. With the ‘losers’ taking on the unbeaten champs, there’s more than a scent of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander here. But it’s particularly intriguing that the loser group from the infamous Hostel 4 would go to any length to win, whether it’s cheating, sledging, or faking an injury on the football field so that the opponent may be sent out with a red card.

Chhichhore full movie download in hindi 480p filmyzilla

The tone of the picture is as erratic as it gets. Sushant may be seen weeping while chatting to his son in one moment and plotting pranks with his college mates in the next. The changeover isn’t completely smooth. Director Nitesh Tiwari intends for both the past and present tracks to run concurrently, but it just does not work. The abrupt change in background music from melancholy to cheerful music also makes it difficult for the spectator to comprehend what Nitesh is attempting to accomplish with the picture.

chhichhore full hd movie download in hindi filmywap
chhichhore full hd movie download in hindi filmywap

These kinds of college dramas necessitate great performances, as the plot relies on the lead characters to push the picture along. Sushant and Shraddha, on the other hand, will abandon you at Chhichhore. The film’s supporting cast, with a special mention for Varun Sharma, bears the brunt of the film’s weight.

Sushant’s portrayal of the middle-aged parent is a caricature at best. He sits there with a blank look even as the doctor reveals his son’s situation to him. He sobs and attempts to wipe his tearless eyes, but he can’t persuade the audience that he’s in pain.

Maya is played by Shraddha, who isn’t really convincing. The actress has a single expression for each mood, and we’ve seen much too much of it at this point. In addition, the film’s writing reduces her role to that of a lovely face who is constantly present in the stands cheering for her lover.

In Chhichhore, Varun Sharma gives yet another outstanding performance. He comes up with the funniest jokes in the movie and delivers them in his own distinctive manner. Tushar Pandey and Naveen Polishetty also make an impression with their performances.

There isn’t a lot of sloppiness in the writing. Some situations may make you laugh out loud, yet they are full of clichés. Consider every possible punchline in a college drama, plus a few more. Imagine them all crammed into a movie. That is Chhichhore.

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Sushant enunciates the point in a speech just in case you didn’t grasp it even after 2 hours of watching it. Chhichhore conveys a vital message about test pressure, very literally. The picture comes out as a squandered opportunity. Director Nitesh Tiwari had a topic that appealed to many generations, but he fails to capture the charm of a great college drama.

It’s the safest bet for a hit movie. Some dormitory pranks, a college romance, vows to stay in contact with pals, a sports tournament, and a tragedy – and you’ve got yourself a full-fledged entertainment on your hands. (You also get a 3 Idiots once in a lifetime.) But it only happens once in a lifetime.)

Chhichhore full movie download in hindi filmyzilla

All of this is done by filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari, who is back in the director’s chair following the big movie Dangal. He’s the first-bencher who painstakingly transcribes all notes point-by-point and regurgitates them on the answer sheet with no originality. Chhichhore is a typical example of the condition of memorizing the recipe for success but not understanding how to use it in real life.

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It is here where the movie’s heartbeats. The fact that this isn’t a heroic narrative. It’s just a narrative about a bunch of friends who chose to enjoy life’s small pleasures rather than get caught up in the rat race. The film distinguishes itself from 3 Idiots in this small detail. That movie inspired you to pursue your passion. Take a breath, resist the pressures that academics and life will place on you, form lasting connections, and create lasting experiences, adds Chhichhore.

Tiwari communicates these sentiments with honesty, as romantic as they may seem. It’s why you’re ready to forgive a lot of the movie’s flaws. Like the characters’ elder versions’ garish make-up, several of them appear to be balding in the same fashion.

Alternatively, the film’s blatant sexism. Although male students outnumber female students on engineering schools, there isn’t a single other female figure in sight, either as a teacher or as a student, except from Shraddha Kapoor’s Maya.

The regular cutaways to the current situation, on the other hand, are the weakest link. They feel forced as if they’re there to remind us that this movie is about more than simply fun and games. The warning message about the pressure we place on our children to achieve good grades is well-intentioned, but it could have come off as less trite and preachy if given with a little more nuance.

Chhichhore, on the other hand, rises beyond these faults. Because Tiwari creates endearing characters that bind this film’s weak storyline together. Varun Sharma is particularly impressive as Sexa, the adolescent obsessed with sex.

Tahir Bhasin captures Derek’s wounded pride admirably, while Navin Polishetty as Acid and Tushar Pandey as Mummy are both excellent. Shraddha Kapoor keeps pace with the lads and is admirably controlled in the latter scenes. Sushant Singh Rajput plays the younger Anni with a charming boyish flair, smoothly transitioning into the elder version of the character, whom we meet at a terrible point in his life.

To be honest, the film is entirely about the people and the obstacles they must overcome. You’ll almost certainly discover traces and recollections of your own youth in them. Chhichhore gets a three-and-a-half out of five from me; it’s pleasant, innocent entertainment. Throughout, I had a big grin on my face, and I bet you will as well.

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