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Drishyam full movie download in hindi filmyzilla | Drishyam movie download vidmate

Drishyam full movie download in hindi filmyzilla | Drishyam movie download vidmate
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Drishyam full movie download in hindi filmyzilla

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Although a crime has been committed, individuals who are aware of the circumstances do not believe it is truly illegal. There simply isn’t enough evidence for those attempting to prove it. This is true for both the narrative and Drishyam’s story.

Drishyam, a Hindi adaptation of Jeethu Joseph’s Malayalam film, begins by stating that it is based on Joseph’s original tale. Ekta Kapoor and anyone who has read Keigo Higashino’s The Devotion of Suspect X will undoubtedly choke on their popcorn as a result of this. Kapoor purchased the Hindi rights to Higashino’s spectacular murder thriller.

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Meanwhile, Joseph adapted the novel’s plot for a Malayalam film starring Mohanlal and set it in an Indian village, far away from Kapoor’s Andheri office. Joseph claimed it was his story, and Kapoor sent a legal notice.

And, because it’s a clever adaptation, Joseph gets to do the slow-mo stride, while Kapoor’s legal notices fall by the wayside. Everyone knows Drishyam’s narrative isn’t entirely original, but no one can prove it because Joseph’s version is sufficiently unique.

Ajay Devgn takes on the role of the onscreen hero in Nishikant Kamat’s Hindi flick. He gets it because his character in the film, Vijay Salgaonkar, tells a good story, just like Joseph.

Drishyam – Official Trailer | Starring Ajay Devgn, Tabu & Shriya Saran

Drishyam 2 full movie download in hindi filmyzilla 480p

This is truly meta. Vijay works as a cable operator in Pondolim, a fictional Goa hamlet. He has two children, a lovely wife, a restaurant where the owner lends him credit, and a two-wheeler on which Vijay can whizz around the scenic Konkan region. It’s a wonderfully monotonous existence.

The first tear in this picture-perfect environment comes when Vijay’s eldest daughter Anju (Ishita Dutta) is contacted by a boy she met while on a school trip.

He has a video of her showering and is more than willing to use it to blackmail her. You might be wondering why this annoying jerk isn’t scared to be seen threatening Anju.

Her father, after all, is Ajay Devgn, a.k.a. Vijay Salgaonkar. There’s a good reason for this: Little Mister Blackmail is the son of the Police Inspector General. That’s all right, Daddy Dearest. This concept is actually Joseph’s greatest achievement, and it’s why the plagiarism allegations aren’t legally valid.

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There are unmistakable parallels between Higashino’s story and Joseph’s – in both, a man convinces the police that he has committed a crime that he hasn’t; takes responsibility for a crime that someone else has committed; the mystery hinges on an elaborate series of fake alibis that the cops struggle to unravel.

Drishyam 2013 full movie download in hindi filmyzilla 480p

The Devotion of Suspect X differs from Drishyam in that the latter contains a social commentary that is distinctly Indian – the cable operator’s daughter has no chance of being protected by the IG’s son.

Under these conditions, no one would believe it’s worth it to be honest because pointing fingers at the IG’s son will bring the entire police system crashing down on the Salgaonkars.

When Anju’s blackmailer vanishes, IG Meera Deshmukh (Tabu) becomes convinced that the Salgaonkars are involved in her son’s disappearance, this is exactly what happens.

Drishyam 2013 full movie download in hindi filmyzilla 480p

Drishyam 2013 full movie download in hindi filmyzilla 480p

She doesn’t have a rational explanation for her idea, unlike Higashino’s professor, but she’s the IG, and a gut hunch is all she needs to unleash hell on Vijay and his family.

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This is the point at which the Salgaonkars should be terrified, but when you look at the television and see Devgn, completely expressionless and confident of his own magnificence, you never worry for him.

Drishyam 2013 full movie download in hindi filmyzilla

He is the protagonist. It’s no surprise that he can outsmart everyone in his path. The only time Devgn deviates from type is when Vijay is beaten up instead of being the one throwing people around and punching them. Joseph may be a master at adaptation, but his unique aspects detract from the original plot.

Drishyam depicts police harshness that is not only violent but also foolish, by tossing all realities and logic to the wind. In what looks to be the IG’s living room (helpfully emptied of furnishings), people are being beaten up. Or maybe she went for the Spartan appearance since she interrogates suspects in there on a daily basis?).

A police officer had no qualms about striking a youngster and inflicting noticeable damage on the adolescent Anju, who is still a juvenile. That is a terrible case of power abuse.

Despite the fact that witnesses, including journalists with cameras, have seen the Salgaonkars emerge from police interrogation with bloodied faces, the police are unconcerned about the consequences of custodial violence.

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There’s also Joseph’s attempt to appeal to the Mother India stereotype. Being Mother India in 1957 meant having the guts and integrity to murder your law-breaking son, but in the 2000s it meant using your authority to victimize someone you fear may have injured the sleazeball fruit of your loins.

Drishyam full movie download in hindi filmyzilla 480p

This leads us to IG Meera Deshmukh, who is both a strength and a weakness in Drishyam. When Tabu as Meera makes her entrance, you can practically sense the relief in the crowd.

We’ve spent nearly an hour watching Devgn try to act, Shriya Saran tries to appear elderly, and a slew of other minor characters try to be believable by this point. Everyone fails, with the exception of Kamlesh Sawant, who plays the evil Inspector Gaitonde with great flair.

Devgn isn’t recognized for his acting abilities, and he’s completely miscast as Vijay, who is supposed to be a bland everyman. It’s because this character is so unremarkable that no one expects him to devise such a brilliant and elaborate ruse. In the Malayalam version, Mohanlal does a fantastic job with this.

Initially, he portrays a fumbling simpleton, amusing the audience with ridiculous comedy sequences that endear us to him. This adds to the intrigue of the later sequences, which gradually expose his calculating intellect.

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Devgn, on the other hand, hulks around and saves the victimized from the start, as if he and the director want to remind us that Devgn is the star.

Drishyam would make everyone admire Rohit Shetty since Kamat’s inability to get a performance from Devgn highlights how brilliantly Shetty has utilized the actor in the Singham series.

Drishyam 2015 full movie download in hindi filmyzilla

Devgn is boring yet passable when he plays Vijay, who does his own form of working for a living (reading the newspaper, chatting with random people, and watching TV).

The sequence in which Devgn’s Vijay looks passionately into his wife’s eyes, inspired by Sunny Leone, is one of the most stomach-churning scenes in the film.

Saran is traumatized, Devgn appears to be either nearsighted or inebriated, and the audience wishes for a fast-forward button.

Only Drishyam’s background soundtrack, which tries to represent multiple emotions but ends up sounding like a garish mix of purportedly funny and suspenseful sound sounds, is worse than Devgn’s performance.

The first half of Drishyam is one of those rare occasions when you might really wish there was an item number due to terrible acting and a sluggish pace. At the very least, it would jolt us awake. We’re all ready to dance in the aisles when Tabu, as gorgeous and charming as ever, finally enters the screen.

Tabu, however, is powerless to salvage her character from the grave that Joseph has dug for it with his writing. Meera is the top officer that no one wants to cross paths with. Her son’s disappearance takes precedence over all other instances.

Drishyam full movie download in hindi mp4moviez

She has no qualms about breaking the law, is pro-torture, and looks incredibly stunning while directing her henchmen to beat the snot out of completely defenseless individuals (including a little girl). This character has all the makings of a fantastic villain, but we can’t have it in a woman.

So, to make sure our hearts bleed for Meera, she weeps into her husband’s shirtfront after every scene of police violence that she orders and sees (without a trace of regret) since she’s a mother seeking for her kid.

(Insert Mother India theme here.) Worse, her civilian spouse not only witnesses all of Meera’s interrogations and formal meetings with her colleagues, but he also scolds her – in front of her juniors – when he believes she’s going too far.

On the one side, we have Vijay, the alpha protector, versus Meera, the beta mother. There’s never any doubt about who’s the stronger challenger, and Meera only feels menacing in a few rare times because Tabu can do magic with her eyes.

Drishyam might have been a good film if Kamat had the courage (and the flexibility) to focus on the plot rather than the potential box office profits.

Drishyam full movie download in hindi filmymeet

Vijay might have been a wonderful part if Kamat had cast an actor instead of a star. Vijay’s wife might have been defined by her maturity rather than her eyeliner and the saris that Saran is clearly uncomfortable wearing if the filmmaker had stuck to what the plot needed rather than trying to forecast what the public wouldn’t accept.

Instead of being a senior police officer who appears to be a bit insane and has her knuckles beaten by her husband while at work, Meera might have been a suitable rival to Vijay. It’s not a terrible thing if the finest moment in a murder mystery comes right at the end, with the big reveal.

If, on the other hand, the viewer doesn’t care about any of the characters and the sole reaction to the moment is the satisfaction that the movie is finally finished, then the narrative has failed.

Due to its performers’ limitations, Kamat manages to make a fine picture that falls short of its potential, lacks wow moments, and seems overly lengthy at 163 minutes.

That’s a shame because Drishyam has a wonderful plot and an intellectual adaptation hiding beneath the surface.

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