Ee nagaraniki emaindi movierulz download tamilrockers

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Ee nagaraniki emaindi movierulz download tamilrockers
Ee nagaraniki emaindi movierulz download tamilrockers


Ee nagaraniki emaindi movierulz

Tharun Bhascker Dhaassyam’s Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi defies the second-film curse that has plagued many directors who have created a strong first picture. He shakes off Pelli Choopulu’s baggage to transport us into Goa’s colourful bylanes to bring a buddy film to life.

Three guys drove to Goa in an open-top Mercedes to make the urban chic buddy comedy Dil Chahta Hai (2001), which is still relevant today. Tharun Bhascker and his colleagues return to the zone seventeen years later. When four Hyderabadis travel to Goa, the camaraderie, ego conflicts, and anxieties all appear, but this one is different.

Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi Movie Theatrical Trailer || Vishwak Sen, Sai Sushanth, Tharun Bhascker


Friendship, filmmaking, and vacations to Goa are all mentioned in the narrative. Underneath the surface of levity, the emotional core of the storey ties it together and gives these characters a sense of realism. Vivek (Vishwak Sen), Karthik (Sai Sushanth), Upendra (Venkatesh Kakumanu as the devoted buddy), and Kaushik (Abhinav Gomatam as the poker-faced guy who brings the house down) aren’t the über chic males that inhabited Farhan Akhtar’s flick. These are the types of people you’re likely to run into in Film Nagar.

Ee nagaraniki emaindi tamilrockers

They’ll debate tales and screenplays with the confidence of being gamechangers in the business over chai and samosas or when they feel affluent, at cafés and bars. But there’s a nagging dread that they’ll have to show their value and see their wild ideas come to life.

Through the storey of four friends — one with a broken heart and a tough demeanour that hides his fear, the second who is content with a camera but is chasing a hollow dream future, the third who is the brunt of all jokes but aspires to be an actor, and the fourth who is technologically adept and thus becomes an editor —

Tharun Bhascker takes a look at the world of short films. He’s been in that zone for a few years, so the descriptions are accurate.

ee nagaraniki emaindi full movie download tamilrockers
ee nagaraniki emaindi full movie download tamilrockers


Filmmaking is a heady hobby, and there are a few potential side effects on the way to making an impression – strained relationships and heartbreaks. The connection between Vishwak Sen and Simran Choudhary is convincing, as is Anisha Ambrose’s scent of optimism with a dash of reality.

Ee nagaraniki emaindi moviezwap

Buddy movies are not totally new to Telugu audiences, although they are not as popular as they are in Bollywood or Hollywood.

“Ee Nagarikini Emaindhi” is a real buddy movie, complete with a group of pals, a venue for drinking and fun (Goa), friends attempting to reconcile minor disagreements or recuperating from heartbreak, humorous dialogues, and a comedian in the role of buddy.

These characteristics have been popularised by films such as “Dil Chahta Hai,” “Rock On,” and the Hollywood film “Hangover.”

Director Tharun Bhascker has selected this buddy flick genre and blended incidents from his life, his days of short film-making, after creating his debut feature “Pelli Choopulu” with a global narrative line.

Tharun has attempted to recreate such buddy movies, but he has not completely succeeded in eliciting the same feelings.

ee nagaraniki emaindi movie download 9xrockers
ee nagaraniki emaindi movie download 9xrockers


Ee nagaraniki emaindi mx player

Furthermore, the film appears to be more autobiographical (Tharun Bhascker’s), as it is difficult to connect with everyone unless you share the same lifestyle. As a result, the comedy and conversations elicit varied emotions in this audience. Some jokes are very amusing and can be appreciated by anybody; others are more like inside jokes that are only shared among friends.

The filmmaker hangs the emotional anchor in the last act after wandering aimlessly for the most of the film. Only at the very end of the film do we discover that it is truly about two friends, Vivek and Karthik, who met in 5th or 6th grade and have since drifted apart as adults.

Ee nagaraniki emaindi movie download 720p

Vivek is afraid of losing his buddies, whereas Karthik is determined to ‘grow in life’ at all costs. The last scenes reveal how they rekindle their relationship, much like Akash (Aamir Khan) and Siddharth (Akshaye Khanna) did in “Dil Chahta Hai.” However, it goes in every direction before that. Even the emotional component has failed miserably.

What worked in this picture were the opening scenes, the conversations, and a few comic scenes (the highlight of this is when Abhinav Gomatam turns bakra in drunk scene in Goa sequence).

On the other hand, rather than coming off as an angry young man, the protagonist here appears to be a man with significant psychiatric issues.

I’m not sure why certain directors think it’s cool to make characters like Vivek into heroes because of their misogynistic behaviour with their women. It’s easy to sympathise with Arjun Reddy, but not with this guy(!?).

The film has several major flaws and a poor narrative, yet it succeeds in presenting a new-age buddy flick (although sparingly), showcasing Tharun Bhascker’s natural dialogue writing ability, and providing us with another comic.

Ee nagaraniki emaindi movie download 9xrockers

Sure, it’s amusing, but it’s not totally so. Overall, with its sluggish pace and overindulgent sequences, “Ee Nagarikini Emaindi” does not appeal to everyone; it is largely aimed towards urban adolescents. Those who haven’t seen better buddy flicks like “Dil Chahta Hai” may find it refreshing, while others may find it boring.

The fact that this picture was shot in such a realistic manner further contributes to its authenticity. The cinematography by Niketh Bommireddy floats like a candid camera (there’s a nod to anamorphic lenses for a retro feel), and sync sound recording adds to the flair.

Vivek Sagar raises the bar with his trippy background score, which adds mirth even when the narrative meanders for a while. Latha’s production design has a grunge feel to it, and Vivek Sagar raises the bar with his trippy background score, which adds mirth even when the narrative meanders for a while.

Ee nagaraniki emaindi full movie watch online 123movies

There’s a lot of smoke and alcohol, yet the discussion never becomes raunchy. The only gripe I have is that the storey doesn’t give us enough insight into these four guys’ love for filmmaking to have us cheer for their short film.

What about the title? The statutory warning is justified by the hilarious intermission scene. Let’s not talk about it here and ruin the enjoyment.

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