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Game of Thrones Season 7 Download Telegram | Game of Thrones All Seasons Telegram Channel

Game of Thrones Season 7 Download Telegram

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Game of Thrones has indeed reached its conclusion. The Wall has come down, snow is falling on the city, and, most poignantly, Sean Bean’s Ned Stark was honored today. Quite a bit. You know showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are bringing back into focus what this has always been about when they remind you of Lord Eddard Stark’s honor (and horrible folly).

The world is out to eat a pack of Stark wolves. Tonight, the wolves bit back, and it was a sight to witness. Sure, we reconfirmed Jon Snow’s Targaryen status—and in the biblical sense, as he spends a night of love with his aunt—but winter has arrived. It’s wolf season, and one of their own has a strong claim to the throne.

Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer (HBO)

As we prepare for the Long Night of waiting for the season 8 conclusion, it’s time to revisit the season 7 finale, which satisfied our desire to move past the changeable table-setting. In fact, Game of Thrones showrunners is already knocking china pieces off the torn fabric and crushing them to the ground like so many parts of the Wall.

The episode gets off to a great start by reintroducing some of the aspects that made the early seasons so appealing: a group of people sitting about and conversing.

Game of thrones all seasons telegram channel

That last season’s budget, by the way, was able to transform it from a dimly lighted hallway into a stunning Roman amphitheater ruin known as the “Dragonpit.”

Yes, here is where the dragons were once housed, and it is also where Jon and Daenerys’ family power began to dwindle. The Dragonpit was created to bind the first great beast to overrun Westeros, Balerion the Black Dread, as Dany later clarifies for her ruggedly gorgeous nephew and the viewer. Khaleesi made the same error when she enslaved Viserion and Rhaegal beneath Meereen’s Great Pyramid.

Dany’s strength faded as the slave city sought to bind a weight around her neck, and her children languished in the dark. She was only able to break free while the dragons were free, and it appears that she won’t be able to do it again… which raises questions about Daenerys’ and her children’s futures.

The episode includes a cascade of reunions, each more joyful (or funny) than the previous, in the build-up to what is basically the moment where the Five Families meet in The Godfather and determine if they want to do business with Sollozzo.

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There’s Tyrion and Bronn, who is all business—explaining why Cersei didn’t murder Ser Bronn of the Blackwater, despite the fact that she should have—plus Podrick and Tyrion, who share a grin. Brienne of Tarth’s double-take at seeing the Hound alive and technically on her side was my personal favorite.

Game of thrones season 6 download in telegram
Game of thrones season 6 download in telegram

I haven’t seen a finer embodiment of the phrase “politics produces odd bedfellows.” A man who plays with the term “cunt” in the same manner that Van Gough does with paints, and the lady who kicked his ass seven ways until Sunday, then removed a bit of his burned ear as a souvenir.

Of course, they’ll end up laughing together, if only because their shared reward has become a source of pride. Arya has finally returned to Winterfell, and no one will be able to mess with her again. The Hound will never know what it’s like to see his kid learn to ride a bike until he hears that the tiny she-wolf has grown into a skilled murderer.

However, the early moment that will most likely have the most impact on future conflicts is one that really indicates the impending conflict. The last season will undoubtedly include a battle between the Hound and the Mountain.

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Until this episode, I thought the “Cleganebowl,” as its devotees refer to this hypothetical battle, was just that: a fantasy. And I’m not sure George R.R. Martin would ever offer readers something as exciting as these two evil brothers fighting it out for their lives.

But now that Game of Thrones is solely owned by Benioff and Weiss, they foretell Cersei’s treachery when the Hound says that no one else gets to murder (or re-kill) Gregor Clegane but him. “You know who’s coming for you, brother,” says the narrator. You’ve always been aware.”

Because there are only six episodes remaining, this can only conclude with one Clegane murdering the other, which implies Cersei and Daenerys’ ceasefire will have to be shorter than Jon Snow’s reign as King of the North.

In the remains of the Dragonpit, the King in the North cuts a striking figure with his black robe. The episode’s actual meaty delight is Jon, Tyrion, and (finally) Daenerys attempting to persuade Cersei Lannister of existential peril. But persuading someone with inherited money that climate change exists and getting them to act on it are two different things, eh?

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I’m intrigued as to what Cersei’s initial intention for this meeting was. She definitely did not believe in the existence of White Walkers and zombies. While being hesitant before eventually agreeing to a ceasefire allows her to join the Golden Company, I can’t help but wonder if she had a Red Wedding-style Plan B in mind.

Almost every single one of her live foes was present at the same moment. Drogon would burn her to ash if she really acted on her urges, but such punishment has never deterred her thought process. Perhaps battling the Sparrows has given Cersei what she’s always boasted about: strength. Tywin Lannister’s ability to see things from a different perspective.

Game of thrones hindi telegram channel link
Game of thrones hindi telegram channel link

Whatever her original strategy had been, it was doomed from the start. Euron Greyjoy tries to gain political advantage for Team Lion by mocking Tyrion’s height, but when your jokes are so terrible that the Lannister Imp and Theon Greyjoy exchange telekinetic high fives, you know the punchline is a disaster. But it doesn’t matter; Tyrion is simply preparing Jon Snow to make the most amazing PowerPoint presentation ever.

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It’s simple but effective: the Hound drags in a casket containing an Ice Zombie and lets the tiny man smear Cersei’s face with decaying gum lines.

There’s a certain satisfaction in seeing a strategy come together. To be fair, it was a foolish scheme, and it was just one of Tyrion’s many rash actions in Season 7. However, it all comes together when he finally presents incontrovertible data that sea levels are increasing and the dead are rising.

When corpses are breathing down your neck, it’s difficult to disregard them. Jon Snow even acts as though he’s an old-school magician, with the Hound as his sidekick. For maximum impact, one carves the person in half and the other burns his hand.

It’s as if someone blew an ice blast over the arena. Jaime Lannister and Qyburn had the two most impressive reactions.

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Jaime has been following Cersei into the Gates of Hell with increasing reluctance, despite the fact that he knows precisely where they are going. Seeing a zombie, on the other hand, offers him perspective; if he’s on his way to one of the Seven Hells, it could arrive sooner than he expected. It will also arrive for the million or so individuals he has already rescued from the Mad King over the past 20 years… as well as his unborn kid.

Jaime Lannister’s lightbulb finally turned out, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau clearly flips it for the viewers in a single second. However, I wish we had more time to focus on Qyburn’s reaction since, unlike everyone else, he was ecstatic.

It’s exciting to witness a zombie who hasn’t been resurrected by lightning bolts and “Sitting on the Ritz” dancing lessons. Unlike his Franken-Mountain invention, this zombie could survive past death and even be divided in half thanks to magic. Let’s hope the wight’s body was completely burnt before Qyburn returned it to his lab.

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Cersei, on the other hand, is a lot more realistic. So the dead are resurrecting? What is the benefit to her? She’ll grudgingly agree to a truce with Daenerys, but she’ll need some guarantees that will give her an edge later—and all it will take is a little white lie from Jon Snow. Ruh-roh.

Some readers have disputed my assertions that Jon Snow should not inherit the Iron Throne or that he is a brilliant general but an inept ruler throughout the years. So, here’s the Exhibit… Z? There have been several times in which Jon has demonstrated that he is Ned Stark’s son, but none stands out more than Sean Bean’s favorite bonehead’s first remark tonight.

Cersei will agree to march with the North and the Targaryen horde provided Jon agrees not to march back south in the looming battle between queens.

And Jon is unable to make that commitment. Instead, he declares that he has knelt before Daenerys Targaryen and will back her claim to the Seven Kingdoms.

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Cersei did not use Ned’s name out of any nostalgic yearning for the former Warden of the North’s straightforward sincerity, I believe. Rather, she recalls Ned Stark as the idiot who told her that he had proof that Jaime Lannister, not Robert Baratheon, was the father of her children.

He committed himself to his fate by approaching her with a reprieve for the sake of her children. If Jon Snow is anything like Ned, his pride will keep him out of the battle… unless he’s already sworn to House Targaryen. In such a scenario, he’ll do precisely what he did previously.

As a result, further proof that it doesn’t matter who biologically sired Jon Snow on a personal level. He is the son of Lord Eddard Stark. He’s more Ned than any of Ned’s actual offspring, to be sure. And, like Ned, he stepped right into Cersei Lannister’s trap. Although this flaw may prove to be insignificant in the end, it is the reason he will most likely be allowed to leave King’s Landing with his head, whilst Ned will be split from his.

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Dany and Tyrion are also far too eager to appease the King of the North. In his huge soapbox speech about the value of truth and facts, Jon Snow is permitted to be completely correct—

I’d venture to say it’s the closest Benioff and Weiss have ever gotten to making a conscious political statement—but Tyrion has a more pressing issue in this context. Sure, but “we’re fucked,” Jonny.

And Jon’s unwillingness to accept it or find a solution to it, at least in front of Tyrion, is why I believe Jon Snow and Daenerys reigning from the Iron Throne would be a disaster. Jon’s performance in the south would be no better than his father’s.

Fortunately, Tyrion is present to provide us with the finest scene of the evening. Tyrion is my favorite character on Game of Thrones, no matter what happens, whether it is through thick and thin, horrible war strategy, or ill-advised climate meetings.

Game of thrones season 1 download quora

He hasn’t had much to do since meeting Daenerys Targaryen at the end of Season 5, and no matter how many moments they give him to play off the Breaker of Chains, she disrupted the momentum in his character journey, which had been stagnating for a long time. So when he suddenly received a moment to perform beside Lena Headey’s Cersei, it was a bolt of energy.

The pyrotechnics between these two have lighted up more than a third of Game of Thrones‘ greatest sequences, and watching them interact tonight adds to that tally. The notion of Cersei letting Tyrion leave King’s Landing without taking his head seemed ridiculous the last time he was there, but it’s agonizingly realistic in this scenario. She needs Tyrion and Daenerys to believe that their apparently sound research has influenced her.

But she’s still inclined to murder him. The image of Franken-Mountain looming behind Peter Dinklage as he approaches her room is terrifying, and even the most jaded spectator must have shivered as Ser Gregor slid his sword out of his sheath.

Game of thrones telegram channel malayalam

Unlike the previous time Tyrion returned to King’s Landing, Cersei will not be able to secure Dany’s cease-fire unless Tyrion survives. The flavor of his scarlet blood whets her tongue, and she is ready to feast as the siblings bring out all their filthy, glorified soap opera drama.

For his part, Dinklage delivers one of his greatest performances in years when he dares Cersei to order his execution. Even he didn’t expect to walk away from this one, based on his heavy breathing and worry draining the color from his face. So, like a true English gentleman, he wanders over and gets a drink, recognizing he’s on borrowed time and has an alcoholic habit that must be drolly observed.

Tyrion convinces Cersei that he did not murder Joffrey, but it makes no difference how much he pretends to love Myrcella or Tommen. I agree with Cersei on this one issue. Given that he collaborated with Myrcella’s killer on Dragonstone and also attempted to help Daenerys’ conquest of Westeros while Tommen was still happy on the throne and with his darling Ser Pounce on his lap, he couldn’t have cared all that much.

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Cersei is absolutely accurate. With the death of Tywin, Tyrion felt a sense of satisfaction in causing Cersei’s family and House to fall apart. Tywin had earned his death, and Tyrion had earned his revenge.

He knew Cersei wasn’t Tywin and couldn’t hold it together, and he didn’t want her to, especially since he’d paired with another queen with the express intent of seeing her dragons use his sister’s crown-like tooth floss.

The second essential part of this finale is their fight of Lannister’s wills, which brings everything from season 1 back to the forefront. While the finale of Game of Thrones, with dragons vs. zombies, has never been more magnificently fanciful, it ultimately boils down to two families. The first is the Starks, and how they will persevere in the face of adversity.

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The Lannisters, on the other hand, are a wealthy dynasty whose grudges and fatal faults will destroy them until they are reduced to a mound of smoking ash. Dany, in all honesty, could well be the spark that ignites that smokey wreck.

Cersei agrees to the bargain after emerging from the Lannister brawl, despite the fact that both of her siblings are still alive. She also promises to hoist the flags across the south to join the fight against the Army of the Dead. This is fascinating since I’m not sure how many bannermen remain in the south.

The Tyrell army is gone; the Dornish refuse to leave their desert; the Baratheon bannermen perished before the walls of Winterfell on some blundering crusade; Daenerys annihilated the remainder of the Reach armies, and the Lannisters have been waging one wretched war or another for the last five years. They, too, were heavily burnt during the Blackwater Rush.

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Cersei, like everyone else, appears to believe that there are lots of fresh young males eager to die out there. Jaime is overjoyed. The Kingslayer bemoaned the fact that he’d have to fight the woman he truly loves on opposite sides of the battlefield in his one brief conversation with Brienne tonight.

Cersei’s desire to screw the North overgrew even stronger as a result of his sorrow. Brienne also muttered, “Fuck loyalty,” which was out of character for her. This is equivalent to Daenerys declaring her allegiance to the Iron Throne (which she will not do). When the Beauty of Tarth utters some lovely four-letter words about her honor, the times have changed.

So Jaime’s discovery that Cersei has allegedly come to her senses looks to be a lifeline for the male Lannister. At long last, the Kingslayer can battle with Brienne on the right side of history.

Cersei, on the other hand, would be delighted to deny him this. Cersei reveals her grand plan to her brother, which she telegraphed several weeks ago. Cersei reveals she’s negotiated a ceasefire with Daenerys solely to allow herself time to rebuild. This treachery stems from Jaime’s emotional response to witnessing a wight for the first time.

There is an existential peril in front of them; the planet will end, and his progeny will have no future unless they battle the Army of the Dead.

Game of thrones all seasons download telegram channel

However, you can’t argue with the irrational. Cersei Lannister is unconcerned about existential concerns since her selfish wants are the world to her. All that counts is her life and the life of her child, who is nothing more than an extension of her narcissism at this point. She doesn’t care if it doesn’t feed her ego, and the fact that Ice Zombies exist doesn’t mean they’re necessarily her issue. She has money and power, and she thinks that the North and Dany will take care of it.

She figured out that one of Dany’s dragons is injured, but she believes, like a fully delusional dictator, that the issues of the world don’t matter as long as she can hide behind her walls.

The thought that Benioff and Weiss wrote this before Donald Trump backed out of the Paris Climate Accord, yet it matches precisely what occurred in reality to a tee, is as scary as Cersei Lannister believing there is a version of this that ends with her on the throne. At the very least, it motivates Jaime Lannister to do what all other leaders should do and forsake the Mad Monarch.

Cersei’s departure by Jaime was a long time. In “A Song of Ice and Fire,” he abandoned her to the Sparrows’ judgment while in a position of strength, so it’s odd that Benioff and Weiss make it more of a point of pride and vulnerability in Game of Thrones.

Cersei writes to Jaime asking for his aid when she is initially imprisoned in the fourth of Martin’s novels (and before her walk of shame), but he chooses to honor his vows to Catelyn Stark and save as many of her Tully bannermen from the Freys as possible. He decides to pursue Brienne of Tarth as well.

In the show, he’s finally following Brienne from afar, but it’s largely because Cersei insulted his dignity for the last time. Despite their promise to aid the North, she will seize this opportunity to betray everyone…

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She also threatens to murder Jaime if he doesn’t help her. The Kingslayer announces it and walks right past the Mountain, not looking back. In the end, Tyrion’s bet and the loss of Daenerys’ Viserion won Jaime Lannister, and Jaime Lannister alone, for their cause.

It doesn’t seem like a decent bargain to sell the Wall for a one-handed knight of dubious morals, so perhaps Jaime will do more than simply hang out with Ned Stark’s “son” when he arrives at Winterfell.

These scenes between the Lannister brothers also serve as among of the most crucial preludes to Season 8. Cersei will enlist the help of the Golden Company, which implies to me that my book readers are confusing Cersei’s position on the show with “Aegon Targaryen” (not Jon) in the novels. Yes, there is another purported Targaryen descendent named Aegon in the book series, who may or may not be a “Blackfyre” (the bastard off-shoot of the Targaryen family tree).

He, too, is backed by the Golden Company, which was created by a Blackfyre family member. This might corroborate my suspicions that Cersei’s involvement in the grand game would be extended beyond her fictional counterpart’s conclusion.

What’s more, it’s clearly apparent what’s going to happen. Cersei would march with the North and then crush them against the Wall while they faced the White Walkers, as I prophesied earlier. But that will not be the case. First and foremost, there is no longer a Wall. However, the most significant fight between the living and the dead will now take place at Winterfell. It’s also not the actual endgame.

Whatever heroes escape the White Walkers, it’s easy to see them being taken aback when Euron Greyjoy brings an army of sellswords to their gates to do the job on the besieged survivors.

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Yes, the fantasy “good against evil” notion that comes with the genre will outlive the titular “game of thrones.” This isn’t Middle-earth, and the last conflict will be fought between shades of meaty grey.

Members of House Stark, who have finally gotten their act together, are among the living. Returning to Winterfell at this season’s conclusion was almost certainly heartbreaking for fans. Despite the fact that Arya clearly knows how to hold a grudge, we were forced to endure certain moments that felt forced.

The first of these situations is, without a doubt, the most contrived. While I agree Arya would overreact if she saw Sansa’s letter, which was written under duress in season 1, I was troubled by her vow to wear the elder Stark girl’s face. Even more perplexing was Sansa’s decision to seek counsel from Littlefinger tonight on how to deal with the murderous Arya.

It’s unclear when the Stark girls realized Lord Baelish was playing games with them (I’ll explain why in a minute), but whether it was a con or not, I shudder at Sansa allowing Littlefinger to slowly lead her to the idea that Arya should be executed.

With that said, Lady Stark handled Jon Snow’s surrender of the North to Daenerys Targaryen admirably. Sansa accepts Jon’s decision to abandon his crown after only a few months of wearing it after Littlefinger does his Lucifer thing by whispering that she could essentially challenge his claim, but Littlefinger does his Lucifer thing by whispering that she could essentially challenge his claim, but Littlefinger does his Lucifer thing by whispering that she could essentially challenge his claim, but Littlefinger does his Lucifer thing by whispering that she could essentially challenge Sansa makes her ultimate decision after some dramatic, snowy soul searching: she will take Littlefinger’s head.

Game of thrones season 5 telegram link

Despite the fact that almost every viewer predicted that Sansa and Arya would ultimately turn the tables on Lord Baelish, the sequence is brilliantly staged to the point that the inevitability is somewhat disguised. Sansa summons Arya to the Great Hall, where all the Lords and many guards have assembled.

The scenario suggests that it will take all of these men to just capture Arya, and the sheer number of them leads me to believe that Sansa is indeed acting foolishly. Then there’s the sentence that’s worth a million dollars: “You stand accused of murder, you stand accused of treason.” Lord Baelish, how do you respond to these accusations?” Snap.

What follows is so gratifying that I had to watch it again to get rid of my silly grin. Littlefinger was played for the first and last time in his life, and then he was flayed. Aidan Gillen has had so much fun portraying Littlefinger as a lesson in greasy sleaze over the years that it’s easy to forget he’s human. I half-expected his body to burst into a legion of red-eyed rats, scurrying across the floor and squealing, “Sansa!” as they vanished. Instead, the human rat desperately pled for his redemption again and over again.

Sure, I believe Littlefinger cared for Sansa, at least in the way that a creepy sociopathic pervert can care for anybody. He had deceived her on several occasions, but he would have screamed if Cat 2.0 had been at his side while he sat on the Iron Throne.

Sansa was OK with letting Robert have his fantasy as long as he maintained the Knights of the Vale at Winterfell, even though he missed the opportunity when he sold her to the Boltons and completed her transformation into “Dark Sansa.” So it just becomes sadder as he pleadings and begs for a private audience so he may speak in her ear.

Game of thrones download in telegram in tamil

As Arya uses his own knife to slash open his throat, all he can do is wheeze with that endearingly smarmy Irish rasp, “Sansa!” It was the inescapable conclusion to this subplot, which all spectators expected. That doesn’t take away from the pleasure I had from watching him bleed.

As it turned out, there was still some justice for Ned Stark in this realm. Arya never got Joffrey and will never get Cersei, but Littlefinger arranged it all, and because his brothers believe his ramblings, Bran Stark essentially CSI’d Littlefinger’s betrayal of Ned. As a result, he obtained his long-awaited death.

With that in mind, when did the Stark sisters realize they were pulling a fast one on the weasel? After Sansa shifted gears, Arya turned without surprise or anything less than amusement toward the condemned, as if she knew her summoning into the Great Hall was a ruse. Some may claim that the Stark sisters have been playing the long con on Littlefinger since the sixth episode of this season.

I’ll be the first to say that I disagree. Sansa’s pensive pacing of the Winterfell ramparts, in my opinion, is due to her inability to deal with the Arya situation.

Sophie Turner’s expression of awareness is due to Sansa finally putting Littlefinger under the microscope, where he proposed Sansa place, Arya. What may be the worst conceivable reason for someone to act in a certain way? That’s when she realized Littlefinger was conspiring against Arya. She most likely went to Bran and had him confirm this, as well as Littlefinger’s other hidden or forgotten misdeeds.

Sansa set the trap at that point. So, credit to the Lady of Winterfell for figuring out Littlefinger’s trick and defeating him at it, but that still means Arya threatened to chop off her sister’s face, and Sansa, for her part, considered killing Arya when Petyr implied it earlier in the episode.

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This, in my opinion, is still too much of an attempt to milk tension at the price of logic, especially considering the wonderful closing scene of the night with the Stark sisters. It begins with both of them standing on the ramparts for the hundredth time, recalling old Eddard. It’s also a great sequence for soiled book fans.

“In winter, we must defend ourselves,” Arya starts, citing Ned directly from the episode. Take care of one another.” After Arya has been particularly nasty to Sansa, Ned gives her these words. Now the elder Stark girl responds by citing Ned himself—but a quote that only those who have read A Game of Thrones know: “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

Despite their numerous hardships and tragedies, Ned Stark’s surviving offspring have persevered and never forgotten his lessons. We admire the Starks because of those teachings and values.

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They might be condemned at King’s Landing, with Littlefinger’s dagger at their throat or everyone in the Dragonpit shaking their heads at Jon’s folly. But in Winterfell, even amid the winter, those words bloom, their full meaning enhanced by the ice on your breath.

And they sing them here, as the two most antagonistic Stark characters, as well as many a fan’s favorite duos, finally repeat and mean them. They know what it’s like to be a pack again, and the show reaches its ultimate conclusion when they both return home.

In a wonderful scene between Theon Greyjoy and Jon Snow, starkness is the rule of the day, demonstrating the latter’s heart is greater than his brain.

As many of Theon’s transgressions as he can, he forgives him. There’s a great scene when Jon says that, no matter how tough he appears on the outside, he’s had plenty of internal turmoil over what to do, and Theon responds, “not compared to me.” Jon’s face is strewn with as much shadiness as he can muster. “Not in comparison to you,” says the narrator.

Game of thrones season 6 download in telegram

Despite this, Jon forgives Theon, informing his one-time younger brother that Eddard was a far better father to him than Balon. Ned was a bit of a chilly, judgemental figure toward Theon in “A Song of Ice and Fire,” so this is odd.

However, according to Game of Thrones legend, Ned reared Theon just as much as Jon, which only adds to Theon’s black sheep status. Regardless, Jon tells Theon that he is a Stark, which is exactly what Theon wanted to hear.

This is probably crucial to Jon’s plot as well because he is implying that who you designate family is more significant than biological kinship. “He could be your father, but he ain’t your daddy,” as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 famously put it this summer.

It makes little difference if Jon’s true father is Rhaegar Taragaryen, a man he never met, or whether Theon is indeed descended from Pyke’s knuckle-draggers. They are Ned Stark’s children. The Starks, on the other hand, belong in the North.

It’s such a wonderful moment that it’s a shame it’s overshadowed by the night’s lone terrible one: Theon gets into a brawl with another Iron Islander, beating him to death after being instructed to remain down like it’s the final act of a Karate Kid film.

So all these other sailors want to join Theon on a suicide expedition against Euron Greyjoy because he didn’t run and was able to get an edge in a little of fisticuff since he didn’t have any stuff to break? Whatever, it’s ok. The only reason this cheese can be eaten is that the Iron Islands are notorious for their ignorance.

Jon Snow closes the hour in Daenerys Targaryen’s bed, which is likely where fans have wanted to see him since the first season. Also, Game of Thrones deserves credit for seizing this opportunity to objectify Kit Harington far more than Emilia Clarke. That’s a wonderful inversion, given how certain fanboys salivate.

Regardless, the scene’s romanticism is undermined twice. The first flaw is that Tyrion Lannister lingers wistfully outside the door. Is he envious of the North’s King? Mayhaps. All men, it seems, must die… and fall in love with Daenerys Targaryen the moment they meet her. (After all, who could blame them?)

Game of thrones telegram channel malayalam

As their boat wanders over the Narrow Sea towards White Harbor, he’s more than likely just lonely because he doesn’t have his own bedroom buddy. But why is this in the penultimate season’s finale? Benioff and Weiss appear to be building up Tyrion’s yearning for romantic love to be fulfilled.

It’s a sad flaw in the character that stretches back to his first wife, who was really a prostitute hired by Jaime to take his virginity in the show’s canon. With only six episodes remaining, it feels a little late to be adding a romantic ending to Tyrion’s tale.

The show’s more prominent undercut is that it confirms what we already knew: Jon Snow is a Targaryen—a Targaryen called Aegon Targaryen, to be precise. The disclosure is the result of a heart-to-heart between Samwell Tarly and Bran Stark. John Bradley’s slow awkward smile at Bran announcing himself the Three-eyed Raven is wonderful, so that sequence alone is worth celebrating. Riiiight.

They rapidly discover, however, that they can establish Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna using Bran’s visions and Sam’s book. As a result, he is a stronger contender for the throne than Daenerys Targaryen. This will undoubtedly be problematic next season when Jon and, presumably, Dany discover that they are related. Oh, and she should kneel in front of him.

That opens up a whole new bag of worms regarding what will happen in season 8 and in the endgame, which I’ll cover in a separate article that should be ready by early Monday evening at the latest. In the meanwhile, suffice it to say that, despite the fact that Game of Thrones has turned us all into monsters and inspired a whole nation of TV viewers to cheer on incest, I doubt this romance will have a moment as lovely as that boat ride. And if children are involved, Dany will be even more troubled and perplexed as she comes to terms with the fact that her nephew is also her baby daddy.

Since Viserion’s ice blue eyes opened, the night’s ultimate scene was unavoidable. For all intents and purposes, this dragon perished so that Jaime Lannister might ride north alone. I guess that was also the impetus Dany needed to put the danger of undead ahead of murdering Cersei Lannister. However, that is still a high price to pay.

I had anticipated the Night King to utilize Viserion to soar over the Wall, but instead, he uses frost breath to bring it down. It’s strange to watch Bran the Builder’s marvel collapse across the floor like a pile of Legos after so many seasons of it standing in the way of the White Walkers. It is, nevertheless, vital.

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The Wall would eventually fall, and an Ice Dragon is more gratifying than a magical mark on Bran’s arm or an enchanted horn heralding its fall.

The last fight between Life and Death will inevitably take place within the Winterfell Walls, where any of the aforementioned individuals can and will most likely perish. As a result, the demolition of the Wall is virtually a formality. However, I’m not sure whether this proves that the Night King was waiting for Daenerys and her dragons to come in last week’s episode, certain that he’ll be able to transform at least one flying lizard into his own mount.

We’ll probably never know for sure, but I’m going to believe that because the Night King has some latent psychic talent, which makes him seem far more dangerous than the dippy inept villain who was merely waiting two or three days for a lake to thaw.

As the Wall crumbles, we’re left wondering what will happen to Tormund Giantsbane and Beric Dondarrion. However, there’s an old TV cliche that if we don’t see a body, it means they’re still alive. How did they manage to avoid being crushed by an ice wall or being trampled by tens of thousands of zombies? Right now, I’m too engrossed in the show to be concerned with narrative contrivances.

And with that, the last season of Game of Thrones comes to a close. I sincerely hope the aforementioned narrative contrivances are no longer present. Season 7 concludes all subplots, putting the Tyrells, Martells, Tarlys, and Littlefinger in the dustbin of history. Cersei is making her final moves to screw over the living by sending sellswords after anyone who survives the Battle of Winterfell.

The Starks are united, the Lannisters have finally imploded, and Cersei is making her final moves to screw over the living by sending sellswords after anyone who survives the Battle of Winterfell. Because Benioff and Weiss have been working on this finale for five seasons, it should go much more smoothly than season 7.

While I truly loved the season, it did stumble a few times as it completed the third act. The premiere had an “early third act movie pace,” in that it was about taking a deep breath before the climax when the ice hits the fan.

In the closing seconds of Season 7, that ice really flies into the air. The end has arrived. Frodo has arrived at Mt. Doom, and Aragorn is preparing to charge the Orcs. We’ve finally reached the end of the road. Season 8 will hopefully be a fantastic finish when it arrives. This season’s conclusion was a fantastic start.

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