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Is it a case of plane truth or fancy? Sri Lanka will resume research into the ‘Aviator’ Ravana, and India has been invited to participate.

Is it a case of plane truth or fancy? Sri Lanka will resume research into the 'Aviator' Ravana, and India has been invited to participate.
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Sri Lanka will resume research into the ‘Aviator’ Ravana, and India has been invited to participate.

Sri Lanka hopes to restore its former grandeur by undertaking a thorough scientific investigation of the country’s aviation history. Many Sri Lankans believe that

King Ravana was the world’s first experienced pilot, and that the island possessed planes and airports during his reign. Some devotees have gone ahead and conducted their own study, dismissing the notion that these are mythical ideas with no scientific foundation.


A meeting of civil aviation professionals, historians, archaeologists, scientists, and geologists was organized in Colombo two years ago to give the concept a boost. Following the conclusion of the summit, Ravana flew his plane from Sri Lanka to India and returned.


Following the meeting, the Sri Lankan government approved a 5 million Sri Lankan Rupee (SLR) first funding to begin the study. “Due to Covid-19 lockdowns, the study was halted.” The current Rajapaksa administration is also interested in it.

They have decided to continue working on the project as a national endeavor. Former deputy chairman of the Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Authority Shashi Danatunge remarked, “I anticipate the researchers to begin work by early next year.”


Shashi, a history enthusiast and former CEO of the Sri Lanka Cricket Board, has scoured the island seeking signs and proofs of the country’s civil aviation history.


“Ravana is not a mythical person, in my opinion.” He was a true king, with his own planes and airports. They may not be the planes and airports of today. The ancient Sri Lankans and Indians possessed unquestionably better technology. Danatugne said, “We need to undertake objective investigation about it.”


He has also asked the Indian government to join the initiative, considering it to be a crucial study for both nations to emphasize their past accomplishments.


Shashi isn’t the only one who thinks this has to be investigated. Sunela Jayewardene, Sri Lanka’s renowned environmental architect, speaks strongly about Ravana’s aviation in her book The Line of Lanka – Myths & Memories of An Island.


“Ravana’s flight is imaginary in the adult world since every educated adult knows that the American Wright brothers developed flying just a century ago. “However, that idea is based on generations of mental training that the West has the most advanced technology,” she said.


She also claims that depictions of the Vimana or airplane in ancient literature are much too comprehensive and sophisticated to be dismissed as myth. According to her, her uncle, the late Ray Wijewardene, a Sri Lankan pioneering contemporary pilot, had also supported this hypothesis.


“Any concerns I had regarding ancient flying vanished in a whirlwind of enthusiasm when he said he thought the Mayuranga kings (Ravana’s dynasty) possessed planes and even airports.” She explains, “They would have had gliders, and seek for water nearby, not necessarily runways.”


According to her, sites in Sri Lanka such as Thotupolakandha and Ussangoda, Weheranganthota, Rumassala, and Lakegala are connected with aircraft landing.

In Sri Lanka, there is increased interest in Ravana and his reign. In his honor, the island government has launched a satellite named Ravana into orbit.

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