Man beat up in Mainpuri, UP due to kick and punches, dies in hospital

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Mainpuri News 

A rumor arose in the area that Diwakar has sold his daughter. The police said that its investigation has not established that the attack occurred due to these rumors.

Mainpuri: A surprising incident has come to light in the Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh. It is being said that five people beat up a person badly on Sunday night due to rumors.

The hospitalized victim has died. In Uttar Pradesh itself, this incident has come to light one day after another incident of beating by the mob.

Opposition parties claim that Dalit Sarvesh Diwakar has been attacked by activists of right-wing organizations. However, the police have denied these allegations.

The deceased Diwakar used to sell kachori on a cart and lived in a rented house with his daughter in Mainpuri.

Their 16-year-old daughter worked as domestic help and also studied in a school in the area.

A few days ago, Diwakar had sent his daughter to stay with relatives because it is being said that her job was lost due to the Corona epidemic.

A rumor arose in the area that Diwakar has sold his daughter. The police said that its investigation has not established that the attack occurred due to these rumors.

It can be seen in the video of the incident that five people are beating and kicking him on the roof of Diwakar’s house and he is pleading for mercy from them.

The accused do not stop killing them even when they fall to the ground.

The Samajwadi Party wrote in its tweet –

This video of Mainpuri has come out where the Dalit youth Sarvesh Diwakar who looted Kachori was lynched and murdered by Bajrang Dal workers.

The government should take strict action against the guilty Bajrang Dal workers.

At the same time, BSP supremo Mayawati said, “The murder of Dalit Sarvesh Kumar was thrashed by the bullies in Mainpuri in UP yesterday and similarly Gobind Chauhan in Maharajganj, Rajveer Maurya in Shahjahanpur, Wasid in Bareilly, Sudhir Singh and Banda in Kushinagar. Incidents of Vinod Garg shot and killed are very sad. ”

In another tweet, he said, “Also, yesterday’s incidents of killing of a cab driver in Noida, UP, expose government claims in law and order matters.

The government takes strict legal action against those who take law This should be done and give justice to the victims and their financial help also, this demand of BSP.

In its statement released on Monday, the police denied any organization being involved. Mainpuri police said, “The police reached the spot and took the person to the hospital.

He died in the district hospital. We immediately took cognizance of the video and arrested four of the 5 people seen in the video.

We have so far There is no information about the accused being associated with any organization. ”

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