Mainpuri: Attack on BJP leader’s car, raining bullets, gunner injured.

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Mainpuri: Attack on BJP leader’s car, raining bullets, gunner injured.


Mainpuri The news is from the Mainpuri district of Uttar Pradesh, where 20 shots were fired at the BJP leader, not one or two.

But the BJP leader had good luck, due to which he survived. However, there is a bullet in his gunner’s chest, in which he is seriously injured.

Five of these bullets were hit on the windscreen of the car, it is believed that the attackers came with the intention of killing.

The BJP leader has filed a case against five-six unidentified assailants in the case. Police are currently interrogating some people in custody.

The incident in Mainpuri district has caused a sensation in the city.

Please tell that on January 1, 2017, Shivam’s father Madan Chauhan was also murdered at his petrol pump on Karhal Road.


Presently, the police have made two gunners available to Shivam Chauhan. Gunner Harvinder Singh, a resident of Sinkadara, Agra, and Sharif Khan, a resident of Sirsaganj, Firozabad, had gone to the railway station Road Bazaar with a BJP leader’s Innova car at around 6 pm on Friday.

More than four attackers fired on the car here. The attackers fired indiscriminately from the front, rear, and driver’s side of the car.

The car’s rear head was shattered by the firing. In the firing, a bullet hit the gunner Harendra’s shoulder.

There was a stampede in the market. Meanwhile, the attackers fled. People said that the attackers fired more than 20 bullets.


The police checked till late in the night to search for the attackers, but no success was found.

Late night, a case was filed on behalf of BJP leader Shivam Chauhan. At the same time, SP Ajay Kumar Pandey has formed four police teams for investigation.

Four people have also been detained in the case. Police say that those who will be firing soon will be arrested.

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