What is a Graphics Card? And Its use.

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Graphics Card
Graphics Card

What is a Graphics Card? :

Graphics Card: As soon as the name of the laptop or desktop comes, the name of the game first comes to our mind because we all like to play games and enjoy them a lot. But you know that you cannot play high graphics pc games like Batman, Gods of war, GTA without a computer graphics card. If you are a gamer and want to buy a laptop with better gaming specifications.

So these tips from TechYukti will be important for you and you will know what is Graphics card? And how to choose the right graphics card for a laptop? And who is the world’s best computer graphics card maker?

A computer is mainly made up of two parts.

Hardware is the physical parts of the computer that we can touch and touch. ICs, Graphics cards, RAM Input devices installed in computers are all hardware. In the second part of the computer, ie software, we can only see the cities of the monitor and they can know the functionality but cannot touch them.

Such as MS office, the computer software part is divided into two parts system software and application software. We are going to talk about computer graphics here, which is part of the hardware, so first of all we know a little about it.

What is Computer Graphics Card?

A computer graphics card is a hardware part associated with a laptop or desktop motherboard.

You all know that every single component connected to the motherboard is for some important work like Hard Drive is for data storage.

Similarly, with the help of graphics cards, we can clearly see or play the image, video, or game appearing on the laptop or desktop screen without any interruption. If a graphics card is not present in any system.

So there will be a problem in opening high-resolution image or video and the video will not be able to play correctly. There is hardly any computer game in the game which will be played without a graphics system.

Graphics card is known by many other names, some of which are common video card, display card or display adopter.

graphics card for pc
Advantages of Computer Graphics Card:
If you have a system with no graphics or video card and you install a new graphics adopter in it, then you will get some kind of advantages over the earlier ones.

Most such users pay attention to good computer graphics unit that likes to play games and update such graphics cards. Users can easily play games that are not possible without graphics.

Video quality is measured according to their resolution such as 720p which is also known as HD, 1080p is known as Full HD, and then 4k videos. Such videos play correctly only on computers that have a graphics card unit installed.

Graphics card does not only improve the video and computer functionality, it also reduces the load on the CPU, it works computer fast.

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Graphics processing unit which is a part of CPU as soon as graphics adopter is added with computer or mobile, its performance increases.

How to test a computer graphics card?
If someone is going to buy a laptop for the first time, then it is a matter of fact that they will know very little about the internal information from the system, so if you have to check whether the graphics card is installed in the computer or not, then you immediately check in this way Can do

Step 1. Open the system and move the mouse cursor on My Computer or This PC and click the right button and click on the Manage option on the second or third number.

Step 2. Now a big new window tab will open in front of you, with the help of the mouse cursor, go to the Device Manager option and click.

device manager
Step 3. In Device Manager, you will get an option named Display Adopter, now you click on it.

display adopter
Step 4. Now you will see here whether the graphics card is installed in your system or not.

graphics cards
In Note- Image you will be seeing, in the display adopter, we are getting to see the names of 2 graphics system.

Intel UHD Graphics 630
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Intel HD or UHD graphics has defaulted in every system with an Intel processor which is not right for Gaming, so you have to decide beforehand.

Graphics card benchmark test:
Benchmark testing is a method by which a single product is made based on the review and rating of the people using it worldwide. If you want to know which video adopter will be right for you, then you can create a Benchmark test score. I have derived the rank of the same 10+ GPU system here. In this table, you will get information about their name, rating, and price.

S.No. Video Adopter Rating Price
1 TITAN V CEO Edition 16988 NA
2 GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 16862 1099.99
3 TITAN RTX 16735 2499.99
4 GeForce RTX 2080 15633 699.99
6 TITAN V 14999 3170.99
7 Quadro RTX 6000 14982 $6,300.00*
8 NVIDIA TITAN Xp 14517 2142
9 GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 14267 869.99
10 GeForce RTX 2070 14231 479.99
11 GeForce RTX 2080 (Mobile) 13882 NA
12 Radeon VII 13870 679.99
13 NVIDIA TITAN X 13665 $1,200.00*

Which Graphics Card is Right for Computer?

We know that the specification and the purpose of every computer are not the same. We buy laptops or desktops according to our needs and budget. But if you want a computer system with better performance, then for that you have to install the best GPU system also and according to the need of the people, they are divided into 5 parts.

Gaming – If you want to buy a gaming laptop, then the RAM, processor, as well as GPU system, should also be of a high configuration so that you can play any game comfortably. Here some Graphics card gaming series have been told which are the best for the system.

GeForce GTX series
GeForce RTX series
Nvidia titan
AMD Radeon R5, R7, R9, and RX series
AMD Radeon Rx vega

Cloud Gaming – They are also known as Gaming as a Service. If you want to buy a laptop or desktop for this Purpose such as Shadow for cloud gaming then the system should have a GPU or video card of these series.

Nvidia grid
Radeon sky

Friends, I hope you understand what a Graphics card is? (Graphics card in Hindi) and which will be right for your gaming laptop or desktop. Stacked video cards are very expensive, as you increase their specification, their price will increase rapidly. In such a situation, you have to take care of which kind of graphics you want for the game. First, you check the requirement of the game, then decide who will be best for you. If you have any suggestion, then please write in the comment

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