What is a conference call meeting? (con call meeting)

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What is a conference call meeting (con call meeting)
What is a conference call meeting (con call meeting)

What is a con call meeting (Conference Call)

A conference call (con call meeting) is a group meeting over the phone. Participants call a conference bridge number, which puts them in touch with a common virtual meeting room that people from almost anywhere in the world can join. The person in charge of the meeting can also call people one by one to add them to the conference line. This is called “ad hoc conferencing.”

The person who sets up the conference call (con call meeting) may also give a bridge URL in addition to a common dial-in number, which is usually sent via email or a calendar invite. Callers can use this link to connect to web conferencing services, where they can use computer audio and possibly access other media and collaboration tools, such as screen sharing, video chats, and instant messaging platforms.

Conference calls (con call meetings) have always been an important way for employees to talk to each other and for a company to connect with people outside of it, like its customers and business partners. But their importance has grown a lot as more companies rely on telecommuters and mobile workers and open more branch offices to reach more people in more places. Also, traditional conference calls are changing to include more modern features like video conferencing, screen sharing, digital whiteboarding, and more.

How does a conference call work?

Before we get too deep into the technical details, we should note that there are many ways to set up, host, and manage a conference call (con call meeting) and that their specific features can vary a lot. Still, most software and services for conference calling (con call meeting) work in the same basic way: they are made to connect multiple callers to the same room or web conference.

Let’s look at how a typical conference call (con call meeting) might go, starting with one that is made from an IP phone.

IP phone with ad hoc conferencing

Step 1: The organizer sets up the conference bridge

A conference bridge is basically a server that can answer, merge, and manage multiple calls. Before a conference call (con call meeting) can happen, there needs to be a bridge set up so that two or more people can call the same number or join the same URL. Bridges can either be hosted by the company itself or by an outside company.

Step 2: The organizer calls the participants

In this case, the organizer will add different numbers to the main conference call (con call meeting) by using their IP phone. This can be done with the Conference button on a Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series. As explained here, you could also use the Star Code feature to make a conference bridge URL and then add calls to that virtual room.

Step 3: The conference call begins

During the call, people can talk and use features like the mute button, which turns off their audio to get rid of background noise and echo but lets them still listen. Hold music can be played before everyone is on the call or if the call is put on hold for a short time. The person who set up the call can end it at any time, and people can drop out at any time.

IP phone with the distributed dial-in number

Except for the middle step, this setup works almost the same as the one above. Instead of the organizer calling each line individually and merging them, everyone dials the same conference bridge number (also called the dial-in) or joins via the bridge URL.

Most likely, the dial-in number or URL that was needed was sent out via email or instant message. Depending on the software or host being used for the conference call (con call meeting), a PIN may also be needed. This can be typed in using the keypad on a phone. People who sign up online may have to give a few basic pieces of information and then be let in by the organizer.

Web conference with computer or mobile device

As these examples of IP phones show, most modern conference calls (con call meetings) are done through VoIP, which is more flexible and has better sound quality than traditional phone lines. Because VoIP is so flexible, callers don’t always need a phone to join as long as they have a device that can connect to the internet. For example, if the organizer wants to host a conference call (con call meeting) using a web conferencing service, they could follow this process:

Step 1: Arrange the meeting via the web interface or mobile app

Web conferencing software lets the person in charge of the meeting set the dial-in number, PIN, and URL from a web interface, a desktop app, or a mobile app. This gives you a little more freedom than if you had to do everything from an IP phone. For these kinds of conferences, the web server that runs the conferencing service is the bridge. Since everything goes through an IP network like the public internet, calling costs can be kept low, for example when far-flung remote teams make international conference calls (con call meeting).

Step 2: Have everyone join the conference call

The organizer can then put all of the details into a standard calendar invite and send it out before the meeting. For those who have been invited, joining the call is as easy as dialing the number given or going to the URL. You can also use a mobile, desktop, or web app to join. When it’s time to start, all you have to do is click or tap a button.

Step 3: Conduct the conference call

When a web conferencing service is used to host a conference call (con call meeting), both the host and the participants may have a lot more options than when everyone is using an IP phone. Because the virtual room or conference bridge that everyone is joining can have things like:

Modern conference calls (con call meetings) do more than just connect the audio of the people taking part. They come with high-definition videos so you can look everyone in the eye. This change to the traditional conference call (con call meeting) has led to more productive meetings, better connections between people, and more engagement and focus.

Screen sharing and whiteboarding: Along with the audio in the conference call (con call meeting), any participant can easily share what’s on their laptop, phone, or tablet, for example, to walk through a document or show off a video or animation. Depending on the solution, digital whiteboards could also be a part of it.

Real-time chat can be added to a web-based conference call (con call meeting) through instant messaging. This can be helpful if you want to share links or thoughts during the meeting without interrupting the speaker or making a lot of noise in the background by unmuting.

Advanced audio and meeting control: Unlike a desk phone, web conference call (con call meeting) organizers and participants don’t have to be limited by the hardware. Instead, they can use software buttons to mute themselves (or other people), record the call, see a list of participants, and do other things.

End-to-end encryption in web conferences makes sure that all of the information shared in the meeting is safe from prying eyes.

As long as an invitee is given a conference bridge URL, they can join using their phones, PCs, Macs, or tablets. They can also use IP phones or video conferencing systems that follow standards. Conference calls (con call meetings) have changed over time to keep up with changes in technology. These days, it’s common for invites to include a link or button that lets people join the call without dialing in.

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What are conference calls used for?

Phone meetings and conference calls (con call meetings) are flexible ways to work together with people far away. Some common ways that a conference call (con call meeting) is used are:

Internal chats

Does your company have more than one office? Do some of your employees work from home? If you do, you’re not alone. As of 2019, FlexJob said that 4.7 million people in the U.S. worked from home. A conference call (con call meeting) is a good way for them to talk quickly and casually, no matter where they are. People can take turns talking, share their ideas, and get feedback.

Client-facing presentations

When you set up a conference call (con call meeting) with web conferencing, you can share your screen and show a current or potential client how your product works. With a web conference, your team can connect with a client as if you were all in the same room because of how well it lets people work together. You can make sure that your experience is rich and immersive by using features like instant messaging, video conferencing, and audio controls.

Large meetings

All-hands meetings and earnings calls usually take place on conference calls (con call meetings). A conference bridge can take calls from many people at once and give them high-quality sound so they can hear what the current speaker is saying. These calls are also a good place to ask questions and get answers.

What is conference call etiquette?

On Twitter, there was once a picture of the so-called “conference call (con call meeting) bingo.” The squares had some of the most common things people say on conference calls (con call meeting), like:

  • “Sorry, I was on mute.”
  • “Who just joined?”
  • “(Loud, painful echo/feedback)”
  • “Sorry, didn’t catch that, can you repeat?”
  • “Can everyone see my screen?”

These sayings show some of the common problems that come up during normal conference calls (con call meetings), which can easily get out of hand if the participants don’t work together and the organizer doesn’t keep an eye on things. This is why it’s important to know how to act on a conference call. What does it mean, though?

If we had to make a list of conference call (con call meeting) rules, the first one would be to put your phone on mute unless you want to talk. The mute button stops your microphone from picking up sound, but you can still hear what’s going on. When muted, any background noise is turned off so that other people don’t have to listen to cars or planes going by, babies crying, loud typing, or other possible distractions. In many modern solutions, these everyday sounds are automatically cut out of the background noise.

The second rule is to say your name before you speak so that everyone knows who is talking. This is becoming less of a problem with modern web conferencing systems that can recognize a person’s face or at least show their name on the screen. Make sure to speak clearly and try not to cut people off if you can.

It’s also a good idea to join the call before its scheduled time, especially if you’re the one who set it up. By doing this, you can make sure you don’t miss anything and that the people who are waiting don’t have to listen to hold music for too long. If you don’t want to hear hold music at all, it’s a good idea to find solutions that let you choose whether or not people can join without the host.

Other tips for etiquette include getting rid of any distractions during a video conference and giving everyone all the dial-in and join information (including any changes to the bridge number) ahead of time, so you don’t have to wonder why no one is joining.

Want to set up a conference call (con call meeting) on your own? Sign up for a free Webex account and use one of the newest and most cutting-edge tools on the market.

Best Conference Call Sites

  1. webex.com
  2. ringcentral.com
  3. freeconferencecall.com

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